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World Press Freedom Canada monitors press freedom issues nationally and globally.

We are a non-profit whose mission is to advocate for freedom of expression which culminates in an annual event to celebrate World Press Freedom Day.

Through our activities, vigilance and relationships with like-minded organizations, our board of directors and supporters:

  • Raise public awareness for the right of free expression

  • Identify violations

  • Pro-actively defend freedom of the press

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May 5, 2024

WPFC urges vigilance, openness on foreign intervention

World Press Freedom Canada welcomes Madam Justice Marie-Josée Hogue’s report into foreign interference on Canadian elections. We note with concern her conclusions that state actors - predominantly the People’s Republic…
May 2, 2024

Journalist Melissa Martin wins Press Freedom Prize for compelling dispatches from Ukraine amid air raids and bombings

The Globe and Mail’s Robyn Doolittle wins Career Achievement Award, Canadian editorial cartoonist Bruce MacKinnon wins International Editorial Cartoon Competition World Press Freedom Canada (WPFC) is pleased to announce that…
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