When the Cops Come Calling: An Expert Workshop for Journalists

By September 21, 2018 No Comments

A couple of cops just walked into the newsroom wanting to talk to you about where you got your story. What are your rights as a journalist?

You’re on the scene of a horrific accident but the cops don’t want you filming. You protest. So they put you in the back of a cruiser for awhile. Can they do that?

Canada got its first shield law last year to protect identity of journalistic sources. But there are limitations. When are your sources protected and when aren’t they?

Find out where you and your media organization stand from a top media lawyer Oct. 10 in Ottawa at a workshop jointly organized by the Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom and Canadian Journalists for Free Expression with support of the Canada 2020 Foundation.

Peter Jacobsen, a CJFE director whose clients include the Globe and Mail, CTV, Corus and other media, will discuss the current state of media law with Susan Harada, head of journalism at Carleton University at 7 p.m. at the Canada 2020 Studio at 35 O’Connor St., Suite 300. Admission is free. (Please RSVP by Oct. 5.)

The workshop will also be live streamed on Facebook and questions from reporters and editors across the country will be welcome.