Statement regarding journalists killed in South Lebanon

World Press Freedom Canada extends our sympathy to the colleagues, friends and family of journalists killed in South Lebanon last week. We also hold in our thoughts those who have been injured.

Since October 19, the Committee to Protect Journalists has documented 21 journalists killed: 17 Palestinians, 3 Israeli and one Lebanese.

Journalists are risking their lives to bring the world the facts at a time when misinformation, disinformation and the gutting of newsrooms make this more difficult than ever. We applaud the courage of all press workers covering conflict in the Middle East and around the world — conflicts that have killed thousands of civilians and more than 80 journalists and media workers in less than two years.

Journalists have the right to be safe on the job and should not be targeted for their work. We also urge employers to take the safety measures needed to protect those deployed to conflict zones.