Statement regarding assault and harassment of journalists covering protests

OTTAWA, FEB. 20, 2022 — World Press Freedom Canada made the following statement today regarding the assault and harassment of journalists covering the convoy protests in downtown Ottawa and across the country.

“World Press Freedom Canada condemns the assaults and harassment of journalists who have been covering convoy protests in Ottawa and across the country. Canadians have relied on our media to inform them of the situation involving blockades and the occupation of downtown Ottawa, including the motivation of the protesters and the response of police and governments. We commend journalists who have risked their own safety to report the rapidly evolving situation on the ground, as well as those who have been targeted with vile, hateful online attacks as a result of their coverage.

“Journalists have done their work with admirable professionalism and a keen regard for the facts, even as columnists differ in their analyses. As we review the events of the past several weeks, one important element will be to consider how our democracy can continue to benefit from the presence of an independent and robust media that adheres to professional standards and practices.”

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